Musher's Checkpoint is a multifunctional computerized tool designed by a musher, with input from mushers, for mushers.
This is the Swiss Army Knife program for mushers.

Every kennel needs systems for effective kennel management, race planning, scheduling, veterinary records and dog information. Musher's Checkpoint is a system where all practical areas of planning and managing a kennel are gathered together in one place in a user friendly format that makes the nuts and bolts aspect of raising and training sled dogs a snap, and leaves you more time with your dogs!

Time’s too precious to be spent away from the dogs. Let Musher’s Checkpoint take care of the back office, then you focus on the dogs.

Per Vinding was born and raised in Denmark. He has two degrees in IT/computer programing and has spent his adult life working within the IT world. While pursuing his degree's he and his wife Hanne acquired a German Shephard named Lady. That was the beginning of their love of dogs and culminated in both becoming certified dog trainers in Denmark. When the Vinding's moved back to Hanne's native Norway, they became interested in Mushing after their beloved Lady passed away and a friend suggested that an Alaskan Husky would be the perfect dog for them.

Three years and 18 dogs later Vinding Huskys is a thriving kennel of long distance type Alaskan Huskies. During the process of getting into the sport and learning the hard way how much time and work goes into the kennel management aspect of having sled dogs, Per decided that he should combine his two passions, computer programing and sled dogs, and make a program that would not only help beginning mushers get an idea of everything that is needed to run a kennel, but also help experienced mushers manage their own kennels and training programs quickly and effectively.

Musher's Checkpoint was born!

After starting out as an amateur musher, and after many hours of discussions with fellow mushers, it seemed to me there where something missing. People where trying desperately to keep track of their dogs, their training programs, veterinarian data etc. and it seemed like they all hated the paperwork. I started this kennel management project as a tool for myself, but the more I talked to people, the more it became obvious that others wanted a similar program. So I figured I would combine some of my passions and make "Musher's Checkpoint".

Per Vinding